In July 2019, a massive data breach of the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency began circulating with data on 5 million people. Allegedly obtained in June, the data was broadly shared online and included taxation information alongside names, phone numbers, physical addresses and 471 thousand unique email addresses.

On the news:
1 - … leak-hack/
2 -
3 - … bulgarski/
4 - … ar-AAEp6A6
5 - … gency_hack

Note: Keep in mind they are not all unique people and may just be random logs.
Note 2: This data wasn't checked...

Password: For any password protected file, the password is "bulgaria".
Filetype: CSV (Comma-separated values) and suggested to use EmEditor.

Download: EmEditor Profissional (32-bit) 16.0.2 … 16.0.2.rar

Download: grepWin - A program to read text inside files

Download 1: … y_2019.rar

Download 2: National Revenue Agency (NRA) database leaked July 2019.rar

Download 3:

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